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ZP Machining LLC. is a family owned shop that makes top quality machined parts in Americas Heartland

Tikka T1x

We made the first aftermarket firing pin for the T1x. Made from Titanium with a O1 toolsteel tip it far excedes the quality of any other firing pin on the market. Check out our other T1x products.

Tikka T1x

CZ 455/457

We make some of the most accurate prefit barrels for the CZ 455/457 and offer a handful of other parts for them as well.

CZ 455/457

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Check out all our other products that we're turning out of our shop.

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We Make It Better

ZP Machining holds all of our products to a crazy high standard. We keep very tight tolerances and have 100% inspection on every part that leaves our shop.

We are also a job shop that can bring your ideas to reality.

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